Cost Comparison

Thermoforming vs. Injection Molding

Thermoformed products can be virtually indistinguishable from injection molded products. Thermoforming has less set up and lead time, so it is ideal for projects that have to be manufactured in a hurry.

The cost advantage of thermoformed parts compared with injection molding depends on the quantity to be produced. Lets look at a typical part piece price. We have created a table that shows the quantity, piece price for thermoformed parts and piece price for injection molded parts.  In this example the thermoformed tool is $3,500.00 delivered in 6 weeks, and the injection tool is $22,500.00 delivered in 20 weeks.

500 11.55 46.47
1000 7.70 23.82
2000 5.80 12.50
5000 4.70 5.70
10000 4.30 3.43
20000 4.08 2.30

The above chart is for information only and should not be considered as a quote or an estimate from Advantage Plastics.  The figures in the chart are from information found in seminar handouts provided by the McConnell Co.

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